Welcome to Shimas

Shimas is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of glass bead sterilizers and associated products, since, 1991. Superior quality and advanced technology enabled Shimas to deliver precision engineered tissue culture equipment.

When you buy Shimas products you are served with over two decades of research in the design of glass bead sterilizers. Continuous research and development in product improvement advanced manufacturing techniques and stringent quality checks had ensured that products from Shimas to be accepted as an industry standard in leading tissue culture industries in India and overseas. Shimas glass bead sterilizers are also extensively used in the fields of veterinary sciences, podiatric (foot care) centres, biotechnology laboratories (R&D), agricultural research institutions, toxicology, pharmacology and small animal surgery institutions.

Why Shimas? Because

– Shimas is one of the largest manufacturers of glass bead sterilizers in the world.
– Shimas is the first to introduce glass bead sterilizers with digital temperature display in the world.
– At Shimas, the electronics is developed in house and tested extensively for optimal operation.
– Shimas has the distinction of maximum number of installations of glass bead sterilizers with digital display in the world.
– Shimas products are energy efficient as they deliver lowest power consumption over the entire range of glass bead sterilizers.
– Shimas alone possesses maximum number and versatile range of models of glass bead sterilizer to suit every application.